• The paramount objective is to strengthen African cultural linkages towards a unified Original African platform. This must be strengthened across all levels of Original African ethnicities:- monarchs, sociopolitical (Afenifere-Ohaneaze-Middlebelt forum), academic institutions, traditionalists/herbalists, cultural artists and artisans. 

    Cultural Liaison officers, recommended and attached to each Original African Palace. will
    1) create or improve information channels between the paramount monarchs.
    2) compile and disseminate lists of major festivals and cultural events to promote participation by other Original African groups.
    3) compile lists of secondary and tertiary centers of excellence and design events to strengthen linkages.
    4) compile lists of leading traditionalists in each ethnicity, design programs for cultural integration.
    5) disseminate Original African perspectives from Ashe foundation and monarchs, as well as being the local organizers of Ashe foundation public awareness programs.

    Ashe think tank led by the executive committee shall collate all field information from the liaison officers, monarchs and sociopolitical groups, and will be an incubator of unifying and empowering information and programs. The executive shall collate and process information from various sources.
    a) Committee of Eminent Scholars.
    b) Web-Based Original African intelligentsia forum
    c) Media Committee of members and trustees.
    d) existing literature and knowledge databases.