Some of our planned projects

Royal Documentary

A video compilation of the paramount monarchs of each ethnolinguistic group, recounting the cultural and genetic origins and linkages, in order to collaborate oral traditions with genetic and cultural anthropological evidence. To be produced in English and the ethnic language as a direct appeal to the masses. This will cover only Nigeria but there are plans for sequels tracing our dispersal through Cameroun down to South Africa at a later date.

Afrobeats Summit and Nationwide concerts

Major Afrobeats and Nollywood stars will be assembled at a Summit to listen to the new cultural unifying perspectives from the paramount monarchs, the cultural custodians, as well as leading experts. This will lead to a few group tracks that will be performed live in at least 10 youth concerts across cities nationwide. It is also expect that others will use the new information in the music and films.

Quiz Gameshows/Reality Show

The Quizshow based on highlighting the cultural origins and linkages with sensational prizes is considered to the most effective and direct approach to the masses. Sensational prizes tied weekly to highly publicized questions that can only be won by tagging with members of other ethnic groups, will attract majority of the 18-35 Age bracket that form 70% of the population. This will evolve into a reality show as this social engineering at its best will change collective consciousness in 18mths.

Direct multimedia campaigns

A comprehensive innovative marketing strategy using academic facts, audio and video clips of monarchs, opinion leaders and others in newspapers, social media, outdoor advertising, radio and television. A complete saturation of the airwaves over an 18mth period will imbue the message consciously and subconsciously.

Interethnic communication centers

Information centers will be created around each Palace to communicate and bring awareness. This will be created, staffed and administered by Ashe foundation in order to link the monarchs, the local cultural industries and various sociocultural groups.

Inter-ethnic traditional festivals

Every major city has a major festival celebrating its origins, therefore for stronger cultural harmony Ashe foundation will organize, provide transport, accommodation and logistics to have other ethnicities to attend.

Inter-ethnic Secondary and tertiary institutions events

This is a program of cultural displays and competitions with scholarships as prizes

Ifa Summit

Ifa is the foundation of all Original African groups social organization and civilization, but 99% were not aware until the 2013 Harvard study. Practitioners of the 16 sector African Information retrieval system (aka Afa-Ifa-Iha-Efa) of each group are to be brought together for the first time ever to compare notes and develop a single document outlining the similarities and differences of each groups version. A paper is expected to detail how to present a unified Original African cultural complex and promote interethnic understanding and cooperation.

ASHE Intellectual Awards

Yearly Books and films Awards to authors and artistes that bring understanding to our cultural linkages. ASHE will give support through prizes and promotion of intellectual property on original African culture.

Prof Sophia Oluwole Memorial Lecture on African Critical Thinking

In celebration of the Late Professor Sophia Oluwoles, the first female philosophy professor, the originator of African Critical Reasoning branch and a founding member of ASHE foundation, in December every year, members of the academia and civil society will be invited to discuss critical issues regarding Original African philosophical and cultural issues.

Production of 2 animation films

The production of 2 animation films to dramatize the link between Original Africans on the continent as well as the Diaspora in various local and international languages.