ASHE 7 Principles.

The seven unifying cultural traits that must be imbued into our collective Original African consciousness.

1) Origins – We, Original Africans, all originated from the Southern coasts, the true Origin of humanity and civilization.

2) Linkages – Our languages are a mere continuum of dialects from Nigeria to Gambia and South Africa known as the Niger Kongo ethnolinguistic family.

3) Knowledge – We share the same Original African Information Retrieval system aka Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa, the Oracle, the world’s first religion and knowledge bank which formed the basis of our social organization, history, science, morals and philosophy.

4) Morals – Our naturally evolved belief system based on natural laws of retributive justice is the highest moral standard, higher than Abrahamic messianic justice.

5) Pioneers – All global civilizations, past and present, were built on our Original African knowledge bank – modern medicine from Obaluaye/Osanyin, iron and steel started here around 2000 BC while the latest technology, computer technology is based on the 256 pulses of our Original African Information Retrieval system.

6) Identity – Understanding and use of the philosophical foundations of various spiritual essences as well as our leopard and crocodile cultural totems and institutions.

7) Vision – Understanding we have entered the new 2000yr era of Justice and global Black ascendancy and must fight for our collective aspirations, which is the protection and self determination of the cultural, political and economic identity of every single Original African group, ultimately within a loose continentwide confederacy.


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